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An immense 360 degree view of Saugatuck and Lake Michigan from the top of Mount Baldhead. At 36x3.8 FEET this is easily the largest photograph of Saugatuck, Douglas and the Lakeshore in existence. The image, created in 2010, consists of 250 individual photographs combined to create the 360 degree panoramic view in extreme detail.

Click to Zoom the image. You can then can readily explore this panorama in your browser in it's full size. Prints up to 36 feet are available on quote.

An exploration in the Zoomed view is full of fun and interesting discoveries. Among them, due to the time required to capture the images the Star of Saugatuck is pictured twice, once to the west making its u-turn on Lake Michigan and then to the east coming up the Kalamazoo River.

Compare the changes in Saugatuck over 100 years in this pair of panoramic views from Mount Baldhead.
The first created in 1910, the second in 2010.